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Kong Classic

KONG Classic's unique all-natural red rubber formula is ultra-durable with an erratic bounce that is ideal for dogs that like to chew while also fulfilling a dog's need to play.

Kong Easy Treat 226g

Made in the USA, KONG Easy Treat is a tasty treat that all dogs love. Designed with a unique nozzle to dispense, Easy Treat is perfect  for lining the inside of a KONG to create a delicious challenge for your pet.

Kong Extreme

The KONG Extreme dog toy represents the most durable strength of KONG rubber. Designed for the toughest of chewers, the KONG Extreme offers enrichment and helps satisfy dogs' instinctual needs.

Kong Handi Pod Launcher

Now there’s no need to carry a ball launcher and an separate pick-up bag dispenser! Featuring an ergonomic grip for comfort throwing control with a built in pick-up bag dispenser. KONG HandiPOD Launch – For the best results use the KONG Launch Ball which has been specially designed for distance and durability. This product is easy to use for both short and long throws, it comes accompanied with 30 high-quality pick up bags so there is no need to carry separate pick up bags.