Whats raw and where do I start?

The well-known saying ‘fit as a butchers dog’ has been a phrase heard in the UK since the 1800’s. The idea that a butchers dog would be fed on the scraps and offcuts of his masters fresh meats would mean the dog would be in peak condition from such a nutritious diet and that is exactly what a raw diet is except with a greater understanding of a dogs nutritional needs.

The average dog requires 22% protein, 12% fat and no more than 10% carbohydrates along with 37 essential nutrients to stay in good shape.

Number 3 in Amazons Best Sellers of tinned dog food in the UK is Winalot Perfect Portions In Gravy and according to All About Dog Food it scores just 38% on the nutritional scale and has a typical composition like this;

Meat and Animal Derivatives (of which Chicken 4%), Vegetables (Carrots 4% from Dehydrated Carrots), Cereals, Minerals and Sugars with no guarantee of it being carrageenan free by the manufacturer. Its typical analysis shows just 6.5% protein.

Its not just Winalot, household names such as Chappie scores just 42% and Pedigree a meagre 26% on the nutritional value score. Add that to the processing additives, derivatives and extra carbohydrates and you can see that this is just fast food takeaway for dogs. It fills but doesnt fulfil.

Now compare it to a biologically appropriate raw food (BARF) diet such as our stock of Natures Menu Complete Mince Meal and the scores shoot up to a nutritional rating of 94% and the typical composition of the beef meal ingredients looks like this;

Beef (45%), Brown Rice (13.5%), Peas (10%), Carrots (10%), Swede (10%), Salmon (5%), Liver (5%), Minerals, Yucca Extract, Green Tea Extract, Grape Seed Extract with 11% protein.

Just whole foods, balanced and no extra additives used for thickening, preserving shape, slowing rancidity and adding artificial colour and flavouring. This leads to;


Natural diets improve your dog’s oral health due to raw food and meaty bones promoting chewing, thereby reducing plaque and bacteria which cause bad breath.


Unnecessary added chemical and anti-oxidants can lead to skin allergies and fur problems, changing to a natural diet can lead to improved skin and a shinier coat, also making them less prone to itching and scratching.


With a raw diet your dog will get the natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals to build a stronger resistance to ill health and disease.


Feeding a diet based on natural ingredients rather than chemical substitutes reduces the risk of irritable bowels, producing smaller stools and reduced odours!!


It’s pretty simple: upgrading to higher-quality food gives dogs more energy because there is less junk to filter out. Your dog gets the essential nutrients they need to feel their best, without carrying a load of carbs and fillers in their bodies all day.


The Supply of BARF in the UK

Raw food suppliers have to meet stringent tests and all companies must be DEFRA registered meaning that all food can be traced from farm to bowl. Beyond that, Durham Animal Feeds, Natures Menu & Nutriment are members of the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA), the UK’s principle trade body who play a lead role The European Pet Food Federation (FEDIAF).

Meaning your dogs dinner is enshrined in over 50 pieces of legislation and is produced under some of the highest feed safety and animal welfare standards in the world.